To enable each individual so they can fulfil their potential.



To enable each individual by:

  • Creating Awareness
  • Streamlining Thoughts
  • Channelizing Talent
  • Honing Skill
  • Inciting Passion


  • The Motto: We believe that good is an enemy of great and we shall always strive for greatness.
  • Equality: We believe that by introducing a value based education system we can blur the boundaries of fragmentation by enabling all.
  • Tangible: We believe in delivering tangible results through our programs. Our interactive programs are objective based and are designed to meet the ends. 
  • Quality: We believe that there is no alternative for quality and we shall deliver quality at all times.
  • Ordo ab Chao:  We believe that order can be brought from chaos through structured trainings. We design our modules to streamline the thought process of an individual. Our endeavour is to create a communication channel through which organised information can be passed on rationally.
  • Competition:  We are in constant competition with ourselves. We believe that it is the challenge that propels us forward and it should be ever eluding. There is always a scope for improvement and we shall strive to improve with every outing.


Kaevalya Education and Training was established in 2011 with the flagship project, RESSET. Kaevalya was formed with the objective of imparting awareness and skill based trainings to empower the youth. 

We as team have been exposed to tough and testing conditions in the diverse fields of Education, Management, Law, Engineering and Youth Leadership.

We are a team of individuals who observe, perceive and believe differently from the cliché. We enjoy chasing our passion, which is to make the world a better place to live in. We strongly believe that through our values and passion we can instigate that much needed transformation that is from a good world to a great world!